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Name of thesis
Study of some solutions to improve the smoothly of bridge approach in CuuLong  plain area.
Major Construction engineering of transportation
Code of major : 62 58 02 05
Name of Candidate : Phan Quốc Bảo
Names of supervisor Professors: Prof.Dr.Nguyen Viet Trung
Assoc.Prof. Dr.Doan Minh Tam
Trainning Instituition Institute of Transportation Science and Technology (ITST)

1.       Based on the analysis results vibration resistant of human and goods and  the  effects of dynamic loads to safe conditions of driver,... the thesis has proposed criterias for assessment of the smoothly on bridge approach.
2.       Has built one  mathematical equations simulating dynamic interactions between road and car and people, which can be determined by the parameters of the dynamic in the cabin and trunk, dynamic load from wheels to ground  when vehicle traffic through the bumpy of bridge approach.
3.       Has built two transitional rules of difference settlement between the bridge and bridge approach that meets the criteria of the smoothly.
4.       Proposed two design solutions to improve the smoothly of bridge approach by embankment on soft soil and analyze, develop technical guidline  for the solutions.
5.       Has built the software for assessment the  smoothly serve the management and operating the  bridge approach.

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